the Taste of the Sea

Our brand is guided by the motto "Tradition and Flavor that Stand the Test of Time". We believe in the importance of preserving culinary tradition and authentic flavors that have been enjoyed for generations. At the same time, we are committed to innovating and bringing new gastronomic experiences to our customers.

Atlantic world

The story of Capitão Atlântico began in a small fishing village on the coast of Portugal, where the sea is our greatest inspiration. Combining traditional preservation techniques with technological innovation, we began to produce excellent preserved fish, valuing the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Our brand has been growing and becoming a reference in the sector. Thanks to our commitment to excellence and the commitment of a dedicated team, we earn the trust of our customers on a daily basis and gain recognition at national and international level.

Passion for flavor

At Capitão Atlântico, our passion for the flavor of the sea is evident in our inspiring recipes. From quick snacks to refined dishes, our preserves are versatile and can be incorporated into various culinary creations. Here you can find a variety of recipes that explore the full potential of our products and that will certainly satisfy cooking lovers.

Values ​​and commitment

At Capitão Atlântico, our values ​​are the basis of everything we do. We value authenticity, sustainability and respect for the environment. We seek to establish lasting partnerships with local fishermen who share our ecological vision, thus guaranteeing the quality of our products and contributing to the preservation of marine resources.

Quality is our unwavering commitment. We carefully select the best fresh fish and seafood, which are prepared and preserved by hand. Each can of Captain Atlântico preserves is a true masterpiece, which captures all the flavor and texture of the ingredients, preserving their nutritional properties and original characteristics.


Innovation is an important pillar of our brand. We are not content with the status quo and are always looking for new ways to surprise our customers. In addition to classic preserves, we offer a variety of products that combine traditional flavors with contemporary touches. From simple sardines to delicious mackerel in olive oil, to grilled cod, we have a wide range of options for all palates.

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