Our Captain

Since he was young, Captain Atlantic sailed the stormy seas in search of the best delicacies of the Atlantic Ocean. With his crew, he explored the most remote corners of the oceans in search of the tastiest sardines, the juiciest tuna, the finest cod and the most tender squid.

Atlantic world

Welcome to the world of Captain Atlantic, a brand that was born from the depths of the ocean and won the hearts of sea preserve lovers around the world. Our story begins with the fearless Captain, a man in love with the sea and its treasures.

Captain Atlântico's dedication to offering products of exceptional quality has always been the pillar of our brand. Each preserve named after the Captain is prepared with care and expertise, following traditional methods and using fresh, selected ingredients.

The secret of our preserves lies in the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Our centuries-old recipes have been refined over the years, incorporating contemporary touches to provide unique gastronomic experiences. Each Captain Atlântico preserve tells a story of flavor and excellence.

But our identity goes beyond flavor. Captain Atlântico is a tribute to the sea and its importance in our lives. We are aware of the need to preserve the natural resources that provide us with these maritime delights. Therefore, we work closely with local fishermen and adopt sustainable practices to ensure the continuity of these precious foods for future generations.

When you open a can of Capitão Atlântico, you are embarking on a journey through the authentic flavors of the sea. Every little piece of our preserves is an invitation to explore the vast culinary universe that only the ocean can offer.

So, join Captain Atlântico and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the rich flavors of the sea, packed in our cans with love and tradition. Discover the true essence of the Atlantic in every bite.

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