Bacalhau em Azeite e Alho Assado na Brasa
Bacalhau em Azeite e Alho Assado na Brasa

Cod in Olive Oil and Garlic Roasted on Charcoal

A true delight that combines the tradition of cod with the heat of the grill. In this delicacy, cod is carefully prepared in olive oil and garlic, enhancing its natural flavors and giving it a succulent texture and unparalleled flavor. The process of roasting over coals adds an extra layer of smoky aroma, elevating the taste even further. A unique gastronomic experience that celebrates the simplicity and excellence of traditional cuisine.

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Grilled Cod

Discover the unique flavor of our canned Grilled Cod. Made with premium quality cod, this product offers the delicious aroma and characteristic flavor of grilled fish.

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